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Professional distribution of content
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When you are done with creative work, BrandCloud steps in with its support to help you to shine for your clients.

Clients such marketeers, but also all business partners, managers, co-operating suppliers and agencies, and last but not least company management that approves your invoices.


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Why do studios, agencies and individual
designers join us?

We provide a partner commission for our share of joint success.

We provide partners the app for free. The only condition is a responsible approach and a field practice.

We will advise you on setting up your structure and assigning access for your clients.

Together, we will present to your clients the benefits of our platform for sharing graphic and marketing outputs.

We will do all the administration for you. Customer support, user training, structure and much more.

Who we talk about?

Our Partners

Michael Dolejš, Graphic Designer
Studio Najbrt

I can not even imagine how we could work without BrandCloud. If we want to keep our current high productivity at work with time reserved for creativity (and that is absolutely crucial to us), then BrandCloud is the only possible solution. The app helped us  to standardize procedures, simplify the approval process, and speed up the overall communication between us and our clients. I can only recommend it.

Jan Šlégr, Senior Graphic Designer
Dynamo Design

BrandCloud is today an important tool for us to create graphical manuals and follow-ups. No more  chain e-mails or mailing via Wetransfer, no search for data on the server. Everything is well-arranged in one place with the possibility to instantly update and export the manual with one click to PDF. In addition, we have complete control of the final outputs, we can all deal with in real-time, with the people who actually run the project. Today, we no longer need to pass data electronically via external services, on a CD or even in printed form.

Ondřej Brádka, Designer 
Brádka design

When I fisrtly saw BrandCloud, I was excited. I needed such a platform for exchanging data with clients. Finally, a tool that allows me to pass on my (not only) interior designs and visualizations in a timely and accurate manner, including large files such as 3D visualizations and store documentation. No more slow "Wetransfers" and tons of e-mail! Both I and the clients now clearly know which version is the only correct one, and it is a transparent way hand over my work. Quick and flawless.

Bohumil Vašák, 

I use BrandCloud daily to organize data with clients and suppliers. We all have a perfect overview of the project status.

Darina Fiala, Designer

We are a graphic studio based in Automatic Mills in Pardubice. Thanks to the Internet, we can have colleagues and clients basically anywhere, and thanks to BrandCloud, we have a great tool for sharing the necessary data, clearly and without worries.

Ondřej Vala, Designer, Owner

We use BrandCloud as a constantly updated online data storage of our brands and clients, for whom we create comprehensive visual concepts.
It has completely replaced our printed and electronic manuals and makes our work easier every day. Neverending search for important files, print or production data and contacts is a thing of the past. Today I can no longer imagine working with clients without BrandCloud.

Michal Světlík, Art Director
Aton Design

How do you meaningfully, without errors and lengthy processes, apply a new visual identity among 800 employees? How do you deal with the problem of outdated content? Where to collect a selected basch of photos that will be used by the whole company? Can we have an application where it is possible to search for all logos in different formats? These were questions we were asked by our clients. And yes, the answer is BRANDCLOUD. We do our best to apply BrandCloud to most of our customers. It simply makes it much easier for us to work together.

Petr Vávra, Account Manager
La Taupe

Until now, no one has offered us excellent support in the form of effective on-line tool, knowledge, and on top of that financial rewards. Thank you.

Václav Šlapák, Owner

Skills has been working with the BrandCloud team on several projects for many years and I fully recommend this unique application to my customers. They use it to share, communicate and distribute digital content. Managers appreciate significant reduction of e-mails. The latest surveys among application customers has confirmed also the cost and time savings in therms of work. Some customers also requested to have key information in one place and use the application for onboarding and sharing educational e-learning courses. Great thanks to the implementation team led by Karel Drašnar and Alice Brádková.

Designers and studios

Service Providers and Agencies

Growth Garage
company development, investments

IT and technology

education for companies

We are an active member of the Graphic Design Union

What needs do you have with us?


Deploying and managing corporate identity, design, branding or a comprehensive retail concept ...

Campaigns and Concepts

Sharing Outputs with the client

Campaigns and concepts across the media spectrum. Designs, sources, production data. All in one place.

Complete documentation for the sale and presentation of products and services. Photos, cataloques, business documents ...

Mobile Access and Sharing

Any data, from anywhere, with anyone, flexibly and according to your rules!

Archive and Backups

All your work in one place, available from anywhere.

PR & Communication

Press releases, press kits, events, media data, approvals.

Internal Projects

Visionary ideas, internal communication or company info board.

Production and Tec Specs

Simple project management, creation of content, commenting, approvals, all easily shared with production including the technical specifications.


BrandCloud will provide exactly the account you need. Choose the most appropriate account to cover your creative needs. Whether you are a student, a small studio or a global agency.


Suitable for students or freelancers to manage one-time projects, school or work.

0 EUR a month

1 user

1 account
1 GB of data storage
Own branding

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Ideal for designers and studios or service providers. Free of charge  without limitation with condition of interconnection
with end clients.

from 0 EUR a month

50 users
Unlimited data storage
Unlimited number of accounts
Own branding
Phone and e-mail support
Public profile
User training

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To manage the entire portfolio of the agency without limitations. It follows the end-user model.

150 EUR a month

50 users
100 GB data storage
Unlimited number of accounts
Own branding
Phone and e-mail support
Public profile
User training

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Practical Benefits

Saving Time of Your Team

Describtions and content visualization saves on average 5 hours of time a month per team member.

Overview of the Work

You can document the scope of your work your studio has done. Visually, clearly.

Own Branding

App interface and e-mails received from the application are dressed into your client's colours and branding.

Avoiding Errors and Duplicities

Shows only the current version. Previous ones are stored in history. That way you know what's in BrandCloud is right.

Sending Large Files

Simply send only correct files without ads, of course, with a delivery confirmation.

Top Support

We are always ready to help on the phone and via e-mail. We provide regular personal or on-line trainings.