We're everywhere. We're in the field. We'd love to come to you and show you everything BrandCloud can do. Or we can arrange to meet you at the café or at our place. We'll find the potential and solve your needs. We're on the phone and email ready to advise or help at any time.

Phone: +420 777 211 344

Postal address if you want to visit us:
Rašínovo nábř. 70/14, 128 00
Praha 2 Vyšehrad

How to reach us?

Cooworking space R14 is located at the prestigious address Rašínovo nábřeží 14, Prague 2. We will meet you in our meeting room, which on one side overlooks the Vltava River and the embankment, and on the other side the mythical Vyšehrad.

Who can you meet?

Karel Drašnar

Karel is the co-founder and spiritual father of BrandCloud. Visionary
and creator of the product, who was at the birth and the whole development together with Ales Najbrt. That's why BrandCloud is different. Design friendly. He manages the development according to user needs, negotiates with you, figures out together how to best help your company and prepares for further expansion abroad.  He often thinks about BrandCloud development with a backpack on his back in the mountains. Both Czech and international ones. But don't worry, he will answer the phone even on the top of Anapurna.

Alice Brádková

Alice has been helping with the product for quite a few years now. She was there for the first birth pains on the client's side and has been working with the product as a partner for a long time, so she has an understanding of both parties' needs. She has a background in IT and design, so she logically found a liking in BrandCloud. She can help with everything related to communication, and she takes care of her design partners.. She tries to go to the heart of the matter and look for synergies in the business, to connect, to empathize with the needs of each company. She looks for interesting topics related to design and organizes event with a name Designers Mixer for partners.

David Rojko

A lifelong salesman joined the BrandCloud team in July 2018. He enjoys meeting level-headed characters and doesn't like extremes or extremists. He embraces a relational type of business, and while it's not the style he recommends, he won't change it for old times' sake. His inquisitive nature is characterized by the fact that in the past you could find him in a management role in an international corporation as well as behind the counter of a farm store. You trust him at first sight, and you'll be all the more surprised in the future when you discover that he really won't let you down...

David is also a lifelong athlete. Nothing gives him more satisfaction than the physical fatigue of sporting activity. His love is basketball, but you can also meet him on the tennis courts, golfing or sailing on his beloved Seč dam. You can meet him cycling, skiing or even underwater diving. When he is in pain (and this is quite often lately) he can sit for hours fishing and read or wander around the forest looking for mushrooms.

Jan Rojko

Honza came to Brandcloud as a support person, quickly got to know the platform and since then you can find him on the helpdesk line or training new clients. He realizes that a friendly approach and willingness to give advice anytime, anywhere is the key in this regard. 

His enthusiasm for the natural sciences has been complemented in recent years by a passion for information technology, which he has taken up intensively himself. That's why he is also working with the development team to develop new versions of Brandcloud.