A simple cloud application for active collaboration and sharing. Digital asset management system for design and marketing.

Personal support (services)

BrandCloud is not just a data repository. It offers many features that can make working with files easier. From all the features, we choose the ones that our customers like the most.

Application design

Your own branding

The environment and emails from the app are branded and dressed in your company's colours.
Individual folders can also be graphically tweaked.

Content work

Saving any files

PSD, AI, RAW, classic PDF, but also Word, Excel or PowerPoint. All uploaded and visibly organized thanks to large thumbnails.


Readable content on any device without downloading. All file types.

Web presentation layer

Linking files to text, thumbnails, external resources, descriptions.


Easy commenting on content
with the ability to resolve so you never get lost and your submissions are always up to date. 


Approval of documents directly in the application so that it is always clear what has been approved, by whom, when and what is up to date.

Embed content

View content from other platforms using the <iframe> function. This feature is supported by youtube, vimeo and all Google apps, but also some websites.

Ordering system

In-house e-shop. which will help for example marketers with the management of promotional items or merchandise.

Gallery and previews

Even for source files or 3D renderings/visualizations. Several options to arrange thumbnails.


Enhanced with meta tags, indexed content so that nothing can be missed.

Last content added

Quick navigation based on added/displayed date.



Mobile version

Viewing all content without downloading

Content availability on mobile

Ability to share and work from the field

and content management

Drag and drop system

Easily upload files by dragging and dropping them into the browser window 


Replaces receiving files via storage systems etc. 


Automatic backup of all data


Controlled publishing of changes, transparent history

Data storage

The file can be replaced easily in all occurrences


Categorizing files in a data storage

Sharing and communication internal / external


Per individual, per user group; time-limited, from one or more BrandCloud locations simultaneously

Overview and management of sharing

Indicator seen/not seen;
option to cancel access

User rights

Delete access with one click; combination of permissions

User groups

Form groups exactly according to your needs
and company nomenclature

Public access

Displaying part of the content on the website for the public, e.g. brand book, press releases, official photos...


Overview of activities in all projects, daily, weekly, monthly

Notification service

A brief overview of news that doesn't overwhelm email

Integration with other systems

Automation & Integration

Content distribution to websites, ERP, etc.
Active Directory
User database from a single corporate source
PDF kit - proofread and work with PDF files directly in BrandCloud without the need for a special license
Photopea (under development)

Personal support

Scope of personal customer support and optional services

Initial training for administrators
Quickly populating content, setting up users and groups
Introductory training for users
Time-saving procedures, long-term motivation
Structured design
Optimization according to the industry and customer needs
Data migration
Moving files from other platforms and servers
Consultation with content providers
Direct content creation in the customer's environment
Regular training 
Continuity in the transfer of information to new users
Usage reports
Regular evaluation of application performance and usage
Creation of corporate templates
Partner section (under development)