BrandCloud is used by dozens of companies across various fields, especially for their marketing and sales departments needs. Most often, we encounter manufacturing and commercial export companies, franchise and branch networks, municipalities and state institutions, and last but not least, we have many partners in the field of design, advertising and marketing.

What do the clients say?

Jiří Salajka, CMO
Creditas Bank

"Brandcloud allows us to use the CREDITAS corporate identity guidelines efficiently. We especially enjoy easy content maintenance and thanks to the advanced sharing capabilities, we know that our external partners are working only with the up-to-date data."

Filip Šimoník, CMO
Ambiente Restaurants 

"We use Brandcloud for a while. As a major advantage I consider the fact that we have data in the cloud so that those who work in the field or from home can access it, too. In addition, we use it to share PR materials with journalists, making it unnecessary to use foreign data storage and deal with expired links. I am also grateful for the great customer support from Karel Drašnar."

Hana Toclová, Marketing Manager

"What suits us very well is also the flexibility of the people at BrandCloud, whether it is training on new tools or developing in cooperation with us. A huge help for us was development of internal e-shop, which colleagues in the headquarters and abroad can use to order promotional items. We also use BrandCloud intensively in cooperation with suppliers and partners, to whom we simply share, comment or approve everything directly in the cloud. BrandCloud is simply a handy helper in all aspects, without which we can no longer imagine our successful work in the field of export!"

Jan Šlégr, Senior Graphic Designer
Dynamo Design

"BrandCloud is today an important tool for us to create graphical manuals and follow-ups. No more  chain e-mails or mailing via Wetransfer, no search for data on the server. Everything is well-arranged in one place with the possibility to instantly update and export the manual with one click to PDF. In addition, we have complete control of the final outputs, we can all deal with in real-time, with the people who actually run the project. Today, we no longer need to pass data electronically via external services, on a CD or even in printed form."

Michael Dolejš, Graphic Designer
Studio Najbrt

"I can not even imagine how we could work without BrandCloud. If we want to keep our current high productivity at work with time reserved for creativity (and that is absolutely crucial to us), then BrandCloud is the only possible solution. The app helped us  to standardize procedures, simplify the approval process, and speed up the overall communication between us and our clients. I can only recommend it."

Ondřej Brádka, Designer 
Brádka design

"When I fisrtly saw BrandCloud, I was excited. I needed such a platform for exchanging data with clients. Finally, a tool that allows me to pass on my (not only) interior designs and visualizations in a timely and accurate manner, including large files such as 3D visualizations and store documentation. No more slow "Wetransfers" and tons of e-mail! Both I and the clients now clearly know which version is the only correct one, and it is a transparent way hand over my work. Quick and flawless."

Jiří Konečný, Owne

"The BrandCloud application found our graphic designer. And the search certainly paid off. It is a tool that helps us in inter-company communication across the regions in which we operate. All of our branches in all countries have the exact digital content they need to have, in a version that is up to date, in a language that users understand and with the rights that belong to them. With BrandCloud, we've saved a lot of time spent searching for the right data. We do not have to call and email five times anymore. Whether it's marketing materials, brand, cataloques, photos or a comprehensive product portfolio with detailed descriptions. Everything is clear and up to date. If you also want your digital data in a good shape, get BrandCloud."

Linda Gřesová, Business Development / Marketing, Cylinders Holding

"BrandCloud has helped us effectively implement a new Brand Manual in all our subsidiaries across regions. We also use this platform to improve communication between individual companies and foreign affiliates, as well as between employees and individual departments. Within BrandCloud, we have also implemented Intranet, which allows us to get up-to-date information for all employees of our group from anywhere, anytime."

Lukáš Menšík, Area Manager
Lepší práce

"Brandcloud is a totally intuitive, modern, imaginative interface that has helped us to intelligently compare and organize documents  that should be available to all of our business associates. Various sections can be structured for individual departments in a company where everyone sees only what they suppose to see. So far, we do not use 100% of BrandCloud features, but we know about them, like them, and hopefully we will get to use them soon. It is worth mentioning the approach of BrandCloud team members who are very positive with very openminded and willing approach. We would like to thank and praise it all! "

Zdeněk Mrkva, CMO
Generali Česká pojišťovna

"Until the beginning of 2018, we used another system, but we were gradually weakening our satisfaction and looking for a faster and more comprehensive solution. Fortunately, we encountered BrandCloud and during the first meeting we were quite clear that we wanted to try it because it offered more options, easier management and a great customer service, including personal helpline. So far, we have been using it shortly so we can not evaluate BrandCloud comprehensively, but it has already proven to be a good experience for data sharing and content management between our internal teams and external agencies.

BrandCloud team has offered a full training to us and our suppliers, and is always available to us at all times. Both the app and the BrandCloud customer service are highly recommended. "

Jaroslav Kašický, Owner

"Although we have been using BrandCloud  for a relatively short period of time, I can already say that it has proven to be effective tool in improving efficiency and productivity at work, internally with colleagues and with other partners and affiliates, with whom we share not only the necessary presentations and marketing content. We also look for ways to share our work simplier, more efficiently and exactly the way we really want and need. In the fashion field where the visual side of the presentation and design is a key element of success, a tool of this type is a must "

Jan Vlček, Marketing & PR manager

"BrandCloud is still a newcomer at Akcenta, but we already know that this decision was a step in the right direction. BrandCloud manages marketing, PR and corporate manuals. The ability to work from anywhere and the speed are just some of the benefits. The users can find everything including presentations, manuals for our services, priicelists or contract templates that help our colleagues both at home and abroad to get the info on click. Finally we have a tool that solves everything we need across the company and share it in one single place. "