BrandCloud offers exactly the solution you need.
Choose the most suitable tariff to meet your needs. All accounts are scalable so you can move up according to your company's current needs.


Suitable for smaller companies, retail, brand management, ideal for smaller towns and cities.

75 EUR a month

10 users
10 GB data storage
Own branding
E-mail support
Public profile

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Ideal for med-sized companies, smaller chains with multiple brands, franchising or larger cities or organizations.


150 EUR a month

50 users
100 GB data storage
Own branding
Phone and e-mail support
Public profile
User training

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Solution for large companies, networks
and multinational corporations.

from 360 EUR a month

Own branding
Live customer support
Custom changes
Public profile
User training
API interface
Single Sign On

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You did not find anything that would interest you or suit your needs?

Contact us for more information and a specific offer. We would be happy to prepare a tailor made solution.

License is billed upon customer approval on an annual basis.
If the number of users or the volume of data is increased, the price is increased by mutual agreement.

How to start?

On-line registration

You can do everything yourself using an online registration that requires 3 steps and takes up to 5 minutes. Tutorials and on-line help are available to you. If you struggle, we will lead you through the basic logic on our line  +420 608 422 822 or online.

We bill your license after your trial period is over on the basis of a pre-agreed offer.

Personal meeting

You have more questions than answers? Please contact us personally. We can advise and share the experience of our practices, explore the possibilities of linking BrandCloud to your other business systems, set up logging under one password, and help you to use many other tools to make your life easier. We may also discover in advance if BrandCloud is not suitable for the purpose you are requesting it. We care for active and satisfied customers.

We bill your license after your trial period is over on the basis of a pre-agreed offer. We offer special conditions to the non-profit sector.

Personal support benefits

Faster set up.

Instant feedback.

Team trainings, user motivation.

User reports and their evaluation.

Integrations with other systems.

Direct cooperation with the IT departments.


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What could BrandCloud replace (which systems you can get rid of)?

Static manuals in PDF


Deposit storage, WeTransfers, etc.

Archives and templates on the server (F: / X: / Z: etc.)

Internal Orders distributed as XLS

Approval / feedback processes

Personal storage used for corporate purposes

Internal video portal, workflows, manuals, training materials...

Receiving and forwarding documents in and out via e-mail

What BrandCloud
does not replace?

Common sense

Office 365 / G Suite (but adds to it)


HR platforms

Accounting / ERP software

Project management applications


Social Media Planning

E-mail clients