Partner Rules

Collaboration is the key to any successful partnership. And so is ours. Be partners and reap the benefits.  

Why to be a partner?

Because BrandCloud was created by designers for designers. For you.

Because you get a tool that will save you and your clients a lot of time and nerves. 

Because you won't find anything better for zero cost. 

Because you'll be able to focus on creating instead of searching for the right color in a logo that your former client urgently needs  you to find right now.

Our partner can use BrandCloud for their purposes free of charge.

You pay nothing and use 100% of the features without restrictions. All you have to do is confirm that you agree with our partnership and follow our rules.

You are entitled to a commission on licenses from your clients who choose to purchase their own BrandCloud account.

The way the model works is that if your client likes working with BrandCloud so much that they would like to use it actively and upload their own assets or add users, it is necessary for your client to enter into a contract with us and pay an annual license fee for the full BrandCloud. You then receive a 20% commission on each license payment made, for the duration of our contractual relationship with your client. And don't worry. We'll take care of the contractual issues ourselves so you can focus on your business.

You can find the prices HERE. If you require a special quote for your client, it is essential to make arrangements with us in advance.

We train your new colleagues and our new functions

Regular and irregular training sessions are part of our care. We train remotely and in person, regularly and irregularly. It all depends on your needs. We offer, but we don't impose. And yes, free of charge. 

You can rely on our helpdesk for you and your clients

We're online and on the phone. We answer the phone and respond to emails during business hours and often after hours. We provide support in Czech and English as standard.

When setting up BrandCloud, distinguish work for "small" clients...

If you're not sure whether your new client for standalone BrandCloud account is large or small, give us a call. We'd be happy to work with you to sort it out. To give you an idea, let's illustrate everything with an example:

If you're going to create a visual identity for the small watch shop on the corner down the street, it doesn't make sense to set up your own account for it. Handle such jobs within your BrandCloud partner account, where we recommend setting up a client section, sorting your clients into regions by brand and only ever giving them access to the appropriate data. If you don't know how to do this, of course we will be happy to help you with setting up and creating the structure.

... and the "large" ones...

If the client is a large manufacturing watch company, where it is expected that they will want to use BrandCloud to work with their own files and also share data with other colleagues or suppliers, it is better to create a separate account with its own domain This is also a signal to us that this may be a future paying client that we will approach together in the future.

Free BrandCloud is for active, not passive partners

We love it when you use BrandCloud to share your work. We're constantly looking to improve it and regularly add new features. However, this would not be possible without our active collaboration in reaching out to potential clients who then pay to use BrandCloud for their needs. If you want to have BrandCloud for your work for free, and still receive regular commissions, then we need you to lead us to the client. Often all you need is a quality "lead" once a year... That's also the minimum we ask you to do, pass on at least 1 potential client contact a year. You can leave it up to us to decide if we can close the deal with the client.

A passive partner is one that uses BrandCloud for their work, but no leads come from them. We simply don't want such a partner, because partnership is about cooperation... In this case, the partner can simply become a paying client, i.e. without the need to hand over contacts. 

Basic rules for working with BrandCloud during implementation

If you are working on a job for a client, follow these basic rules for collaboration :

A client without a contract may not be granted administrative or editing rights by the partner. He can only view and download data.

The maximum number of user accounts for a partner's client is 1 user, regardless of whether the client has a folder in your studio BrandCloud or has set up a separate account.

Discuss special offers for special benefits to your clients with us in advance. This will prevent any embarrassing misunderstandings affecting client satisfaction.


We will consider it dishonest if you ask your clients to pay for the use of BrandCloud, which you get for free from us. Please do not do this officially or hidden behind any fictitious service. We would have to disconnect you from BrandCloud and delete all your data. Good relations and openness in partnership is above all for us. And thank you for honoring our agreement.

Služba pro komunitu

The tenth point is the co-creator's wish that your fair approach to this service will enable us to develop the Designers Mixer type events we (in)regularly organise for you. We are also involved in the field of client education (because design is paid for), or in activating the state administration in creating a unified visual style of the Czech Republic. We do these and similar activities selflessly, with our own resources. Because we think they have a higher purpose. 

By being our active partner, you will also help yourself, the community and the development of design. Thank you.

I agree. Hand on it.

You don't intend to follow the rules of the partner ten and yet you want to use BrandCloud for your work ? Become a standard paying client and work with the accounts as you wish, within the limits of the paid service.

Pricelist can be found here